Antminer d3 15 gh

Due to High Demand and component shortages your order may experience a delay. Current orders will ship Mid November.

antminer d3 15 gh

Shipping is Free within the US. If you are not a technical person do not worry, we provide instructions and there is full support available through Bitmain. For the latest estimated revenue on this miner please use the following online calculator: Cooling fans are loud on the Bitmain D3. We save and track all the serial numbers of hardware parts to prevent fraud. Due to the cryptomarket volatility and other factors profits may vary. Warranty provided directly through manufacturer Bitcoin.

Best Dash Mining Hardware - Antminer D3 Review

Higher support levels are available for bulk orders. For domestic orders, the signature is required for delivery in order to protect our customers from fraud and theft. Every few months, a new batch comes out. Note that the D3 is also available second-hand or via preorder from various resellers. A preorder with Bitmain is probably the safest way to purchase the D3. While local resellers will ship it to you more quickly and allow you to dodge import duties, you should be aware that many scam resellers exist and may take advantage of the demand for new mining equipment.

We personally got burned by such a scammer on Amazon as well. Shipping costs and times from China must also be taken into consideration. Certain resellers promise antminer delivery times and cheap shipping within the United States and some other regions.

antminer d3 15 gh

Long shipping delays eat into expected profits; as others receive their D3s and begin mining, mining difficulty rises accordingly. Your options are to watch and wait for a better miner or to purchase the D3 as soon as possible. Just look at here https: By the time the thing arrives, difficulty may be through the roof and you might struggle to break even. Bitmain does indeed use the devices themselves while the profit potential is really antminer.

antminer d3 15 gh

I also dislike the fact that Bitmain are now asking for Bcash for their products; artificially propping up the value of their forkcoin antminer they likely mine with ASICboost…. That could be right… ordering miners is always something of a gamble on a variety of factors, like delivery time and the future hashrate. There is no point in Antminer as a company. I have looked at their products many times.

What is the Antminer D3? – The Merkle

You will never make much without building your own rig. Great business model but really just a scam on less tech savvy miners!!!! I have been looking at building my own rig. Jeremy, any suggestions for starting points? Using GPUs is basically worthless these days. How did you get burned? What are the best machines to mine Bitcoin? What new machines are coming for Bitcoin mining?

Antminer D3 Online, Dash Mining Hardware for Sale - Coinminer

Is it profitable to mine Bitcoin at this stage? Should I mine Ethereum? In how much time I will recover my money back?

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