Antminer s3 это

Только увеличиваются размеры площадок с каждой, более молодой, antminer. Управление вычислительными хеш-платами берет на себя полноценный одноплатный миникомпьютер далее - ОПК BBB BeagleBone Blackэто давно уже знаком многим энтузиастам. Его отличие от аналогичных ОПК - высочайшая производительность в своем сегменте и максимальная поддержка, практически любого, современного оборудования и стандартов обработки и передачи данных.

Уверен, что это не просто так было batman antminer s9, учитывая стоимость этого ОПК, хотя для BITMAIN была antminer эксклюзивная партия, которая не уступает по качеству, но это снижает стоимость самого оборудования, тем самым снижая отпускную стоимость конечного продукта. А это для нас с вами - один из важнейших показателей. Думаю мы рассмотрели ASIC-майнер со всех сторон. Теперь надо его попробовать включить.

antminer s3 это

Отдельно хочу отметить, что S5 не похож по первому включению на предыдущие модели. Hero Member Offline Posts: Will S3 support p2pool? The simple answer is we will.

Обзор ASIC майнера AntMiner S5 от BITMAIN. Часть I

Bitmain has a very sincere interesting with p2pool, and we have invest это resource into this area. Sadly our firmware may not be able to give you a firm yes that we это p2pool right now, but we promise we will contribute much more to the p2pool mining idea than most of those who support p2pool mining well already. Static difficulty configuration recommended. Since p2pool adjusts the difficulty frequently, therefore would bring hash antminer loss when the difficulty changes at any time.

We suggest you configure a static difficulty for AntMiner, when you mine in p2pool. Recommended difficulty is or How to configure antminer static diff when AntMiner mines antminer как подключить p2pool? Yes, there will be upgrade kit for both S1 and S2 customers.

ANTMINER S3+ Discussion and Support Thread

But we need some time to design and test it. After we have finished the homework, we will antminer t9 доходность the plan publicly. We set a beeper ring alert in the first version of firmware, to alert users when there is no immediate hashing work due to bad pool configuration. However this alert will be removed in the antminer version of firmware. Users can download new version firmware on July The bulk PCB will be это tonight, and we will start first batch production tomorrow.

First batch usually takes a longer antminer than later. We may ship the S3 -B1 on or before 14th. And the calculation это hash rate of the mining pool is based on what you transmit to the pool after the hashing. It is normal that the hash rate of mining pool fluctuate and antminer it may drop down sharply.

Please first open the cover of the machine это check all cable connections and also your network conditions and maintain a stable internet connection. You can try the following simple troubleshoot tests to determine which is the issue with the miner.

antminer s3 это

And we will approve RMA for the faulty components. The slow hash rate of the miner may be due to uneven thermal paste on the chips. Bitmain AntMiner S3+ Gh/s @ J/Gh Digital miner: Computers & Accessories

Please refer to the following steps to re-apply the thermal paste. Hero Member Offline Posts: Hi all, I have a question for the community. I like that I can run them almost silently on upgraded fans as they run where I sleep. I have the problem of a dead hashing board, and I have trawled through a vast number of pages это for a solution to resurrect it. The board failed suddenly. It just one day died. I have some experience repairing hashing boards. I recommend using a high end 80 Gold or Platinum series power supply.

Was this review helpful antminer you? They arrived in excellent condition. Extremely happy with the purchase. Before you buy it, you must have a power supply with at least TWO pci-e connectors. DO NOT use any adapters to power it or you could melt the wire and cause a fire happened to me. This miner is not very loud, but it antminer heat up a room, so I recommend keeping it in это garage or spare bedroom. Overall, totally worth the money. Pros The product is stable. Antminer set up, with just a little bit of help. Mine came without the factory config being reset so I had to contact seller antminer I did это have the ip assigned.

A quick email to the seller, and a quick response and I was able to do the reset. I have overcocked it to Ghs, but my pool stats do not show improvement over the Ghs standard. It is pulling about Это according to my Kilowatt. Hopew antminer s10 цена buy another one from this seller. Amazing piece of tech. Running for three weeks straight without issue. Only slightly warm to the touch. Fans do a great job of cooling.

antminer s3 это

Seriously considering another purchase as Gen 8 comes on line in September. At this price i am buying them for extra parts its cheaper than buying new parts for my hundreds of s5 and s 7 some people are underclocking these. Отмените подписку на antminer s3и соответствующие объявления исчезнут из ленты eBay. При появлении новых товаров вы будете получать эл.

antminer s3 | eBay

Перейти к основному контенту. Оптимизировать поиск для antminer s3. Уточнить подробнее Формат Формат. Все объявления - Текущая страница Аукцион Купить сейчас Тематические объявления.

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