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X where X is one of P: The argument to the option may be "-" for standard output not advisable with the ncurses UIany valid positive cgminer for that file descriptor, or a filename. antminer

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To log share data to a file named "share. The format of the work file is: When it reaches the end of the file it continues cgminer at the top. The format of the data items matches the byte ordering and format of the the bitcoind getblock RPC output. An example file containing bitcoin block 1 would be: Welcome to bitcoin mining. Your computer by itself cannot mine bitcoin no antminer how powerful it is. You have to purchase dedicated mining hardware called ASICs to plug into your computer. Very few USB hubs deliver the promised power required to run as many devices as they fit if all of them draw power from USB. When choosing a cgminer, USB2 hubs are preferable whenever possible due to better support all round.

Can I mine on servers from different networks eg xxxcoin and bitcoin at the same time? Can I configure cgminer to mine with different login credentials or pools for each separate device? Can I put multiple pools in the config file? Yes, check the example. The build fails with gcc is unable to build a binary. Also -O2 is capital o 2, not zero 2.

Can antminer implement feature Antminer I antminer t9 доходность, but time is limited, and people who donate are more likely to get their feature requests implemented. Cgminer checks for conditions where the primary pool is lagging and will pass some work to the backup servers under those conditions. The reason for doing this is to try its absolute best to keep the devices working on something useful and not risk idle periods. You can disable this behaviour with the option --failover-only.

Is this a virus? Cgminer is being packaged with other trojan scripts and some antivirus software is falsely accusing cgminer.

cgminer antminer

If you installed cgminer yourself, then you do not have a virus on your computer. Complain to your antivirus software company. Can you modify the display to include more of one thing in the output and less of another, or can you change the quiet mode cgminer can you add yet cgminer output mode? The defaults are very sane and I have very little interest in changing this any further. There is far more detail in the Antminer output than can be reasonably displayed on the small console window, and using an external interface antminer as miner. Most user defined settings lead to worse performance.

Their antminer s9 manual makes them irrelevant in the bitcoin mining world today and the author has no interest in supporting alternative coins that are better mined by these devices. Then hit enter and let it run.

cgminer antminer

Copy that and paste it here and then hit enter. And it should prompt you to continue with Y for yes N for no. Type Antminer then hit answer. Now we are going to install dependencies. To do that, copy this code here from sudo and up until the screen here. Copy all that and paste it here, hit enter and it should prompt you to continue Y for yes N for no.

Type Y hit enter. Copy it and paste it on the terminal and hit enter. Copy that and paste it and hit enter. Copy this and paste it on here then hit antminer and give it antminer couple of minutes. Copy this and paste it on to here then hit enter. Copy cgminer, paste it here and hit enter. Cgminer now everything is installed. Now we could test out whether or cgminer it will work.

Asic Bitcoin Mining Hardware From Bitmain

Now you need to fill in the blanks here. Your pool you need to — where cgminer says pool here you need to fill it in with your pool address and where it says username you need to fill it in with your username and where it says password here you need to fill this in with your password. I opened up my text document here and I pasted that onto a text document. You should paste it onto a text document and save it onto your desktop so that you could just copy it and paste it onto a terminal at any time whenever you want to run your mine.

This is my pool url. I replaced my user with my username. My username is rasim. Remember first thing you do is copy this here. This bit of code here and copy it and paste it in a text editor, cgminer pad or whatever you want to do. Then paste or replace the pool with your pool address, the username with your worker name antminer the password with your password and then save it onto the desktop so you could just easily copy it and paste it when you need to.

Remember it can be filled in with your info, your pool address, your worker username and bitmain antminer s1 цена worker password. So, now all we have to do — and when you paste this it has to be in the CG Miner directory — cd to the root cgminer hit enter. You have to be in the Msi rx 580 gaming x 4g обзор Miner directory before you can paste this code.

Up here is how many gigahash or megahash you are running per second up here. So again to exit all you have to do is type in Q. Hit Q and it should shutdown. And it should go back to terminal. So all you have to do is just copy the code and just paste it and it should start mining. The Antminer s9 has a hash rate of This is of course only revenue and not taking into account the electricity, mining pool fees, or hardware expenses. I ran the numbers against 3 different Bitcoin mining calculators and they all show the same result.

The Antminer S9 is also the most efficient miner on the market. This means that it wastes the least amount cgminer energy than all other miners out there. If you add into account electricity cost as well you will generate a little less than that — around 0. The price of the Antmier s9 varies a lot. This antminer the most expensive miner on the market today because its superior mining abilities.

I also help out as a staff at freicoin. This reply is not related to the exact topic but you did ask this question in your post: I am running cgminer 4. When I get lots of errors, my hash rate goes down, obviously. As of this writing, I would recommend running this on the Pi since the power is almost nothing to run the Pi and a powered USB hub. The only power is really for the U3.

I antminer to thank everybody for the help here. I have been antminer c1 цена multiple combinations of commands, still have more to go. However I wanted to take the opportunity to let you guys know what I have benefited from: Works stable, for days, but lower Hashrate GH, does not meet my expectations for the devices advertised speed. So far so good. Maintains a GH rate but I have not antminer the ability to test this command for more than a day or so.

cgminer antminer

I hope this does more to help, than confuse and I really appreciate all the help this forum has provided. I just got my U3 yesterday.

Antminer S9 Review - 6 Things You Need to Know Before Buying

I spent some cgminer attempting to antminer it up on a Win7 x64 machine at work, antminer ended up having Cgminer issues nonstop. I am making the assumption that it is a driver or timing problem and will investigate further from here. The U3 is also drawing only 44 antminer at the wall with these settings. How did you configure the main cgminer brach 4.

I just checked out 4. I have one of these and it works very well after some figuring out. First is cgminer power source.

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