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If it does, then eastshore suggests that the antminer below the controller is too long so it touches the metal holder and affect the signal transmission of the controller. Try to rewrite the image for antminer minercheck eastshore here: If all the method above are not work, and if you have more than one miner, please try to make clearly which parts of the bad eastshore is broken, do like this: You can just ignore this antminer Check out the specific of your fan. We recommend a 12V 1. The following is a fan of this specific.

We used in our test, it works very well. The fan should be added to another end of the miner where is no the ethernet port.

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Please be attention antminer the side of the fan you are going to add. The side with the text mark the specific mark should be upward And please be attention to the position of the cable of your fan. The cable be on the side where there is a "Antminer S5" mark.

Put the protective shield on. Screws all the 4 screws eastshore.

Antminer L3 - mh - watt Scrypt miner coming soon

antminer Insert the connector of your fan to the fan port on the miner. When you insert the fan connector, please eastshore attention to the direction of the connector. You can safely skip this section. This is the controller of the S5.

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First, plug out all the cables antminer the previous controller and also the ethernet cord. Insert all the cables that you just plunged out from the old controller to the new controller you just putted on the old controller. Two thumbs up for Eastshore. I hope this helps. I took a big risk placing the order, but saw another review on this forum by another member who recommended them and had purchased miners from them.

So I decided based on that feedback and the positive response from the company that I would take a chance and order. I was not disappointed. I am not affiliated with Eastshore. I offer this as my review of eastshore company and my experience with them.

eastshore antminer

Longsnowsm on January 19, I have had several just like Tupsu that are delayed, mechanical issues, reroutes, hung up antminer some sort of customs mess All kinds of stuff and it delays the shipments with them. If you watch the UPS delivery estimate it will change on you possibly several times. My package was delayed twice asic antminer s3 купить pushed out 3 eastshore and ended up coming in 1 day earlier than they expected The listed shipping method they had when I ordered was Fedex.

But then it still shipped via UPS. Buy, Sell, Short Crypto Create Personal Index Funds. January 19, Just had a second order arrive today and one of the boards is not showing up on the antminer. So I have an email off to Eastshore eastshore see what they are going to do to address this. Not to happy right now.

eastshore antminer

This blog had moved to our official site: Antminer can antminer get the official manual here: For miner configuration, plz use the ethernet cord to connect the miner to the same router which your PC also connected. Your PC is just needed for miner configuration We pack the products very carefully, but cords inside eastshore miner might fall out during the delivery, so, if the miner cannot start normally, please open the case and check if all antminer cords inside the miner are properly connected.

If you have several miners, please make sure put them far away from each other. Connect the miner to the router by internet cord. Eastshore is an archived post. Want to add to the discussion? Visit the offical litecoin website at litecoin. Click here to visit eastshore Twitter. Keep up to date with the Official Blog.

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