Gtx 1070 armor 8g oc mining

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Thanks for any advice! I have 4 of the Asus Duals, I am testing 2 of them at the moment while I wait for some risers. I am still in the process of testing stability at higher clocks, it seemed stable at around mhz but after about 4 hours it crashed. I have dropped it back and will slowly increase with no core OC. Brucelats - You will save your self a lot of headaches especially if you are new and just use https: With some overclocking however we expect that the gap in performance between a stock GTX and the OCed GTX cloud become pretty insignificant, but that would need some more testing to confirm.

In fact there is already an optimized version of ccMiner that fixes the performance issues with Lyra2RE that also brings quite big performance boost for older GPUs as well — ccMiner 1. Tests and Reviews Tags: Read More 4 Comments. Read More 3 Comments.

If you find helpful and useful information you can support us by donating altcoins or Bitcoin BTC to: Hero Member Offline Activity: OverEasy on April 13, Heh what a sweet deal, just plop it in and run claymore and see how it runs along with the amd cards. Sell it and buy Sell it and buy 2x if you have free slots.

gtx 1070 armor 8g oc mining

Please support sidehack with his new miner mining Send to: That is a sweet deal! I have a huge problem with this. What can I do? I was как настроить antminer l3 the same issue. The problem was that I was running an old version of mining 10 and getting the new creators upgrade that was released recently fixed it. Let me know if that helps. Thanks for the reply. Despite that, I appreciate your help. Hi, I am a newb at mining. Should I join a pool or just do it myself? How do I armor myself without a pool?

Also how should I setup an Account and Wallet? Gtx local better or 1070 USB thingy hardware solution, or the cloud? Armor created an account using the following command: So I guess I dont need to create a wallet. Once I star mining may I ask how can I get the funds to me here in Japan? It seems like Coinbase does not support Japan. Can I get it to pay my paypal account? Try asking for more help getting your wallet setup in that Reddit thread, it looks like You may be stuck. You need a wallet to send your mined coins to.

Though, some people do not convert to FIAT, rather they see the mining as a cheaper way to invest long 1070 because of their confidence in that coin being a good store of value. Wow, I feel gtx for you.

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This ship has sailed long ago… talk about being a bagholder. Look at the bright side.

gtx 1070 armor 8g oc mining

This article was mining at the absolute peak of crypto prices… The author should have presented some statistics showing the returns antminer s2 настройка on 1070 prices over the past 12 months, not peak prices. This mining thing is sort of an uncharted place for me. I have a mining questions in mind, I could use a little help. How do I start? I googled it and it says download this and that. I did and my AV removed armor by itself. Hi, great posts on the and Im not really sure what the 1070 is between them: They both have the same clock speeds, GPU and amount of memory.

If you are putting the cards right next to each other in a motherboard the gtx style fans might be better. You can open GPU-Z antminer s1 настройка see what memory brand you have. Once you max out the memory I usually dial it back 50 MHz and then I start lowering the power target. Every card is different on how far you can lower the power target and I usually lower it until I have stability issues or the hashrate starts to decrease.

As for drivers… I am running GeForce Stock vBIOS and all that. Thanks for the help! A reboot fixed it though: No tips needed, but folks can white list the ads if they wanted to support the site as that gtx what armor made this site last so long.

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Hi, should I get started in linux or windows Have been doing only Windows 10 for a month now but have been wanting to switch if it means better performance and stability. I have a Zotac AMP! I have heard antminer com ua few stories of how weak the gigabyte fan is so I personally 1070 steer clear of that the Asus dual and msi are the next good ones.

Also keep in mind if you use a x1 riser you will greatly reduce any heat issue. Running 4 cards in one board will get the pretty hot, but putting them armor with riser cables on a platform will drop the temps nicely. I earn 85 bucks per gtx for freelancing mining home. Well I am mining I armor not actually using the card as the display adapter. Maybe Ill bench it later to see if there is any artifacts put that will have to wait. This is my observation so far on ETH mining. The core clock does not affect the hashing speed at all. Even if I downclocked it, I mining get the same hashrate. In Pascal when we drop the power target, the clock speed will follow suit.

Looking good to me, I think I will build my first rig with 4 x and see how gtx goes.

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