Litecoin antminer u1

I know it says 2w but does that mean 2 watt per hour? I am not looking for profit calculation.

litecoin antminer u1

I am just asking how much do I expect to make bitcoins wise per month from one of these? I know this is hard to answer but those of you who are mining with this can give me an idea by taking into account how much you made last month I know it can very but just need an idea?

Mining Dogecoin/Litecoin with cgminer and the Antminer U1 USB. · GitHub

Lastly I would like to thank the author of antminer post who posted such in detail setup of this device. PS I have read that you can run this with a raspberry pi is there a detailed tutorial on how to set-up a raspberry pi with this? Thanking you all litecoin advance.

litecoin antminer u1

The new Wild West. Thank you for this guide, I am looking forward to setting up my antminer. Also, I noticed in your screenshot that the A: What does this value mean? This is for both the U1 and U2.

How to use Antminer U1

It would be nice to ramp up to 2. I have a fan and the heat sinks are cool to the touch. April 07, I ran through the instructions and had a successful start-up with my shiny new Antminer U2. So I clean shut down Купить antminer d3, then dirty shut down the host -- antminer to, whatever killed the desktop also prevented log out. I have tried unplugging and replugging the Antminer from the hub, and the hub from the machine. Chazz on April 07, Full Member Offline Activity: Also Can anyone tell me how to underclock this as I want to run it cooler maybe running it at 1.

Actually I have a question, since my first U2 litecoin arriving tomorrow and the second should arrive saturday or monday I will soon be setting them up, and I have found several guides now that differ on the matter of clockspeed: My current understanding is that: The original U1 was designed to run at 1. The U2 basically is a modified version with improved cooling and some adjustment on the two R1 and R2 things whatever the are I am no engineer and have no idea of such things that allows for overclocking up to 2. What I could not get a definitive answer to is at what point of overclocking will I need additional cooling?

That makes sense to me. Will that work at all? Powered by SMF 1.

litecoin - Bitmain AntMiner U1 GH/s - USB Bitcoin ASIC Miner - Bitcoin Stack Exchange

February 04, YanksAvs18 Newbie Offline Activity: How to set up to mine Bitcoin January 29, How to antminer или ферма что выбрать up to mine Bitcoin January 30, How to set up to mine Bitcoin February 02, Xalan Newbie Offline Activity: How to set up to mine Bitcoin February 14, How to set up to mine Bitcoin February 15, Skydaddy Newbie Offline Activity: How to litecoin up antminer mine Bitcoin February 20, How to set up to mine Bitcoin March 11, How to set up to mine Bitcoin March 12, antminer, How to set up to mine Bitcoin March litecoin, How to set up to mine Bitcoin March 26, How antminer set up to mine Bitcoin March 27, Jettero42 Newbie Offline Activity: How to set up to mine Bitcoin April 05, T-Bone-bitcoin Newbie Offline Activity: Chazz Newbie Offline Activity: How to set up to mine Bitcoin April 07, How to set up to mine Bitcoin April 10, Chrithu Full Member Offline Activity: You are looking at a Bitcoin miner, not the Litecoin miner which you need for Scrypt hashing so the estimates will not even be close.

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litecoin antminer u1

Bitmain AntMiner U1 1. I have used a few LTC profit calculators: Once you find the correct type of script miner, keep in mind that Projections are based on the costs that you enter including energy costs so only you can know how accurate they are. Calculations focus on current difficulty and block reward.

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