Antminer bm1380

Can drive the ICs into self-destruction if no proper heatsinking is in place.

antminer bm1380

Higher clock frequencies require higher core voltages more dissipation, less efficiency. Chips are bm1380 with only 0. Does not provide a way to antminer a single chip from the chain not that useful when you think about itso it only makes sense to use it with ALL bit set. It seems essential that Set Frequency command is followed by a Read Register with reg address of 0x Doing otherwise results in chip being unstable Few chips in chain stopped reacting to commands.

Deactivates bm1380 which results in only the first chip antminer operational.

Help! Antminer S1 BM chip

Might be useful for testing purposes. No addressing mechanism is found, so after issuing you are always left with the first chip in bm1380. Not very useful for normal antminer. Chips start cranking nonces immediately after whole 64 bytes are sent. All previous computations will be discarded. No CRC is included.

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Midstate and Job Data fields are byte reversed antminer bit-reversed. Work ID is used for pairing Nonce Responses with Work Bm1380, you can choose any number that fits in this field, it will simply be copied to Nonce Response. S1 hashing boards use 2mm connectors for control signals connector marked as Antminer but I found that standard jumper cables 2. They just need to be squished a little so that they grip the connector pins. You bm1380 clearly see that all the chips from the chain have reported their addresses 4th byte antminer every 5 byte response. Github repo is available here.

All done around Duplex streams for the sake of simplicity. The code was tested in the following environment:. Both boards produced the same hash rate no noticable difference over bm1380.

antminer bm1380

You set registers in them internally which supply work, set frequencies, that sort of thing. Usually people communicate with them using a small microcontroller or something larger like a raspberry pi. Ah, maybe I worded that strangely. If I wanted to write some code on a micro to supply a bit of work to one of these asics, what would I need to do? Excellent, thanks for the link bm1380 the bfgminer source. Do antminer know if antminer sells any of their chips to consumers?

Not the just announced ones, but any of their current and past lines. Their new chips are intended antminer a5 купить consumers and developers by the bm1380 of things so they should be usable as well. But indeed, the configuration is wrong, as the Antminer U1 speaks of 1.

Reverse Engineering Antminer S1 – Mighty Devices

So actually you can antminer go up to about 1. Interesting post i must say, i have 2 of thees myself and been doing some testing with them. Iv been using 2 diffrent kinds antminer bitcointalk software to test them. With the cgminer v3. The closest is AOZAIL rated for 5A but circuit change bm1380 needed, ill slaughter one of my miners and see if i can get it working sometime next week when parts arrive. This is the reply I got from the manufacturer: Hi, I am from Australia and I sell miners, I am experimenting bm1380 put the miners in oil for cooling, running stable at 2.

I dont have much experience in electronics but I would like to give it a try, could you let me know which two resistors I should get and what antminer I need to run antminer u2 bfgminer at higher speed? I designed one array of oil cooled miners. I need more miners. Can you please provide me with details of miners you sell. Thanks for your interest, I just send you an email.

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I have a quick question for you, which configure options did you use to compile bfgminer 3. The other miner I used: It runs fine, but with much more errors: I was looking for something on github when bm1380 came across this. Which image show the correct location of the resistors?

Thanks for the reply. No problem, I figured as much since the datasheet for the power IC explains the usage of the voltage divider on the feedback pin and the mention of the fixed value and the variable value resistors matched the Antminer Guide. Thanks for the guide you put out here! Great tip on the antminer Bm1380 have run 20 Ant U1s without the antminer u3 2017 parameter.

Could be lack of power, multipool issues, running redfury and icefury devices at the antminer time as the ant U1…no clue.

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