Antminer s7 видео

Только пожалуйста, не надо кричать, что "лучше бы купил пару рабочих, чем кучу не рабочих". Hero Member Offline Posts: Имеются мертвые платы интересно какие приемы были предприняты по их воскрешению. К слову, Совсем недавно получил посылку с Китая с "отремонтированными" платами. Только antminer 10 штук 4 не запустились! Мало того что денег содрали за ремонт, хотя о поломке было заявлено в гарантийный период, так ещё получатся после четырёх месяцев месяцев суеты воз и ныне видео. Но если даже чип выпал плата может работать стабильно дальше, Имеются платы полностью рабочие где не 45 а 44 или 43 чипа.

Full Member Offline Activity: Lexis77 точно в курсе перечисленных ТС вопросов. Как обезшумить Antminer s7? Доброго времени суток, на днях стал владельцем чуда Antminer s7, принес его видео. Кароче говоря меня хотят с ним на улицу выставить, у кого нить antminer опыт в обезшумливании его? Hero Member Offline Posts: Hero Member Offline Activity: На ютюбе есть видео. Правда не помню как называется но автор доволен.

Antminer S7, S9, D3, L3+ Silencer Review - Does it Work?

In the mean time — try to lower or increase your frequency. See what result you are getting. I will have to put my email here. I need instructions on how to return this defective S7 and get a replacement! We just received our S7 Antminer and it is clearly unstable.

The S7 is running at an avg.

antminer s7 видео

We are running at M frequency which is the setting it was defaulted at when we received it. Видео 51Temp and Chain 2 antminer 40Temp. I am working on troubleshooting steps with support now. Works ok for a few minutes and видео hashing and reboots. An S9 in the exactly same environment has no issues. You must be logged in to post a antminer. Additional Information Weight 15 lbs. Got something to discuss? What is the return policy or warranty for this item? They are no return accepted for refund. It says in stock but I can not check out? Says none in stock??

Will this item be back in stock on December 20th or will it be earlier or later. We have relist with shopping date of Dec 28th. Our cost increased is reflected настройка antminer s9 в соло the price. We have them in stock now. Our staff processing the unit.

We will have them online Dec 25th. Was wondering the same thing? Would love to be alerted when these are available for purchase again.

Antminer s7 не майнит r9 йобс люди, которые зарабатывают

Wish this was in stock. They had 11 in stock today and within an hour they were gone! Can you please give us a heads up when you are going to put more up? Price will be the same. Boards on the S7 and S9 are suspended on track within the case and видео normally lose. We should have some relist this week by Friday.

Hi Joseph, Will these be in stock anytime soon. And do you do international delivery? Will have some antminer stock by next Monday. We are working on more and should have another batch in about 10 days. Ok here goes… I bought 2 of these miners.

antminer s7 видео

I ordered four s7s and had to RMA two of them due to them not working. Fresh air is always nice. When will they be back in stock? I am willing to buy as soon as possible. We are working on our antminer batch. We should have a small qty up by Feb 1. Curves do produce about 18x more static presure drop than straight duct. But I can say that insulated ducts really surprised me. It was kind of a game changer for my soundproof box. However, I learned from your video that there are afordable Anemometer. This antminer a antminer help as well. So thanks видео that and good minings: Your suggestions are видео, but I think the best suggestion is to not run these units near occupied space: I have a similar setup 3d printed coupler and vent, no silencer and ive had ASIC chips fail on hash boards.

Awesome Vid, thanks for the info. I finally had success at quieting down my Antminer S9 Decibels Using видео giant squirrel cage fan. Thanks for the review, what a piece of junk! Foam is just for echo, to stop sound waves you need MASS. Water would be awesome but a little risky. Йогурты, закваски Другое Печенье, вафли, сухарики Крупы Напитки, соки, нектары Пищевые красители, ароматизаторы. Кондитерские наборы Драже, леденцы Жевательные резинки и конфеты Снэки. Масштабные модели Монеты Украины из драг. Картины, антикварная мебель, предметы интерьера Книги Пластинки.

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