Antminer u3 прошивка

Монеты и банкноты 5. Компьютеры, планшеты и периферия 1.

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ANTMINER U3 - from category Bitmain (Ropesta)

Выгодные предложения и скидки. The refined design of the U3 allow it to blend on any desk or shelf without standing out. The density of miners is becoming more and more important as the rapid growth of the bitcoin hash rate continues.

antminer u3 прошивка

The industry is trending towards industrial level mining, which leaves home miners without much choice for compact and quiet miners. In response to this problem, Bitmain has developed antminer solution. The high end PC industry has used water antminer for years, and this expertise has been прошивка to mining equipment. Bitmain is proud to announce our first Liquid Cooled Miner — the C1. If you choose an aluminum radiator, you can use deionized water with an additive, or specialist coolant. If you buy a copper radiator, you must only use specialist прошивка.

antminer u3 прошивка

Either compression fittings or barbs 4 units. C1 mines are stand alone and do not require a proxy server or external прошивка. Setup antminer of installing the water pump, radiator, filling the coolant, connecting a PSU and an Ethernet cable.

antminer u3 прошивка

Skving technology is used to design New-Style water cooling block. This allows for a large heat-transfer area, which keeps прошивка PCBs exceptionally cool. Four hashing PCBs with 16 BM chips antminer board are mounted to the both sides of two aluminum water cooling blocks, which are mm-long, mm-high and 13mm-thick.

Each water cooling block contains 24 water channels for efficient heat transfer. A quiet fan works in tandem with the water cooling blocks in order to keep other board components on the C1 cool. Die Casting Forming technology integrates the common heatsink with a water cooling block, compacts two water cooling blocks working in tandem.

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