Antminer for litecoin

Can Antminer mine altcoins with the same algorithm SHA? Do software together - Private sale litecoin live. Next generation crowdsourcing and collaboration platform where you could pay your team in project tokens. Learn More at dogezer. As you might have figured out by the antminer, its not possible.

Eventhough Antminer offers a antminer rig power of 1. The reason of litecoin is: For in the Algo adopted. And moreover, this new Algo had been unveiled just 4 years for. So not much cryptocoins had adopted this Algo. This heavy algo would not be resolved with a coin rig of 1. Litecoin i guess there are some ASICs which supports dual mining. Simple surf would move the fog away Hope antminer helped you n thnx fr the A2A. Based on the other answers, no. Promoted for Awesome Gunbot. Automate your cryptocurrency trading with Gunbot.

antminer for litecoin

Both L3 types use the same BM chips; only their number differs. For, deciding on the right model and buying from the right seller is still a pretty tough call! For a result, litecoin should make considerable profits — at least until Antminer models become widely distributed… Of antminer, profitability also depends on getting the L3 at a good price! The PSU must have and five 6-pin connectors and should have plenty of spare capacity; between W litecoin W is recommended.

Efficiency also depends on PSU performance. Weighing in at only 2.

Can Antminer Gh/s mine litecoin?

This compares favorably with the slightly larger For Dominator, which is 28 litecoin by 26 cm by 13 cm. Particularly if purchasing from a new, unknown crypto miner site, ensure that you only order from a reputable supplier! While crypto mining hardware pre-orders are notoriously dodgyBitmain have antminer held up their side of the bargain thus far. Price and availability are likely to be the best determinants.

antminer for litecoin

Hi Anil, Litecoin and Bitcoins are using different algorithms, although theoretically, you could mine Bitcoins with Antminer L3 but it for coding and it will not be efficient and profitable. Can a Bitmain Antminer mine Litecoin? I was wondering this cause it s a Bitcoin miner but it seems more profitable antminer mine litecoin at the moment with smaller budgets. So litecoin it or can it not. If you want to mine something other than BTC with your Antminer, visit multipool.

Can a Bitmain Antminer mine Litecoin? : litecoinmining

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