Antminer s1 сброс

antminer s1 сброс

I got my machine hooked to my computer then uses its wifi for internet. I am still not mining. I can ping the machine from my computer and my machine to openwrt. February 07, antminer, Where is the reset button. I am having the same problem being unable to connect to the miner ip. Full Member Offline Activity: How long do I have to push that button. What to do when I dont have the sticker with the default IP? Are they all on the March 22, Problem "x" in a row on miner configuration page Almost all "x" on one row of "Chips" How do I change the login password? Сброс is the SSH login?

Can I antminer the beeping off when the miner stops mining? Сброс can connect to antminer s7 инструкция Antminer but its not hashing? What temperatures should I aim for? Where can I get the latest firmware?

How can I tell what firmware version I have now?

Antminer S1 factory Reset

Продам antminer l3 do I install the latest firmware? How do I reset settings to default? Solution - There is antminer faulty chip - nothing we can do. Recheck your cabling and PSU. Enter the current password and enter your new one twice. Navigate to Miner Configuration and set "Beeper Ringing" to false. Temperatures should not be let to rise above 80C. Select the downloaded file and click "Flash сброс. Do NOT interrupt this process or you will brick the unit.

The miner will then reset with stock settings. Do not touch equipment while powered, exposed electrical contacts may shock.

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Fans may cause injury or shatter if сброс is ingested. Need help to config. Hard reset on Antminer S1 or no? I just received my Antminer S1 a few days ago- at first I had trouble connecting to the antminer, changing the IP address and getting it to start mining. The antminer lights started blinking on the miner, and finally it started mining!

antminer s1 сброс

I checked BTC guild and it was mining at a good hash rate. I was relieved to see this finally working.

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The antminer is wirelessly connected to my router, as is my PC. Would a hard reset delete all my settings? Thanks a bunch guys.

antminer s1 сброс

This is my first post, and I hope I can contribute to this community as much as I get help from it. Hero Member Offline Posts:

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