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Mining hardware comparison From Bitcoin Wiki. Redirected from Mining Hardware Comparison. Non-specialized hardware comparison Below are statistics about the Bitcoin Mining performance of ASIC hardware and only includes specialized equipment that has been shipped. Avalon 6, No Ethernet? D3 Owner January 19th, at JW January 22nd, at Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. If you find helpful and antminer information you can support us by donating altcoins or Bitcoin BTC to: Zcash mining contracts are also available.

Hashing24 has been involved with Bitcoin mining since They have facilities in Iceland and Georgia. Minex is an innovative aggregator of blockchain projects presented in an economic simulation game format. Users purchase Cloudpacks which can then be used to build an index from pre-picked sets of cloud mining farms, lotteries, casinos, real-world markets and much antminer.

Offers both pool and merged mining and cloud mining services for Bitcoin. Low level communication antminer within libusb itself to support sending proper zero length packets on windows for more reliable communications same as the lulz binaryalong with automatically clearing pipe errors and not losing buffered data. More low level avalon fixes. Klondike fixes Hashfast fixes BaB fixes Hardware errors on starting BF1 devices are now minimised Fix for mining directly on a GBT port with --fix-protocol --shares is antminer f scaled relative to diff1 shares instead of absolute number Fix for a rare crash on startup Other low level fixes More verbose documentation Full changelog here.

Unchanged for Mac users since 3. Should help more on windows than anywhere else.

6 Best Bitcoin Mining Hardware ASICs Comparison In

Numerous tweaks to improve Avalon behaviour possibly still problematic on wrt hardware but works better on PC. Fixes to prevent Avalons from hanging rarely on block change. Low level clean ups, bugfixes and preparation for more driver code. Remove all GPU antminer. Fix for crashes on startup and hotplug. Fix for hangs doing no further work after a block antminer. Fix yet again scrypt showing a block solve with every highish diff share.

antminer u1

Write errors will cause a device failure, allowing cgminer to attempt to hotplug them again. Icarus based devices will hopefully align on the display with others. Fix for diff shown on big endian machines Fix for building with curses disabled. Other low level clean ups. Fix for avalon type hardware hanging 3. OpenCL now needs to be explicitly built into binaries with --enable-opencl; it is no longer antminer in by default binaries built by me still include it.

Updated the build to not install opencl kernels when antminer is built without opencl. It is recommended to not use this option unless you cannot build udev on linux as the included libusb is the most stable version. Updated klondike driver, now built into linux binary. Improvements to support for BitBurner boards.

АСИКи (ASIC) для майнинга криптовалюты таблица , калькулятор

Updated the read mechanism on slower USB devices: The advantage of this is much antminer wasted CPU time, and much faster response to block change - i. Currently this feature has been added to bitfury sticks and icarus devices. The stabilising of async transfers in cgminer made this change possible. Timer updates on windows now using the native clocks antminer timers for higher accuracy timing and tighter control. Fixed a minor timer bug. More information is now shown when a usb error occurs. Both have been rectified, and fully asynchronous transfers are used on all OSes. Fixed numerous causes of problems on shutdown.

Fixed a bug where bogus work was being generated at extreme hashrates. Fixes to klondike driver Full changelog here. Failed connect to stratum as a message will only show in verbose logging now. Smoother reporting of hashrate on BF1 devices. Fix for the crash antminer --usb BAS: A few more failure checks on starting BF1 devices.

Serious USB read or write errors will now be accompanied antminer a message during regular logging describing antminer error. USB errors now use the internal libusb explanations. Fixed a bug where some devices would never start hashing if your PC was up for a few days specifically BF1 devices. When devices are unplugged on windows, cgminer will cleanly remove them now instead of getting into an endless loop antminer s7 batch 20 failing to talk bitmain antminer ebay them with IO errors.

Statistics on locking delays in usb code this will be deprecated in 3. Other internal changes, fixes, low level code for further development. Binaries have bitfury antminer compiled in and if you are building binaries for yourself, they need to be enabled with --enable-bitfury. Предлагают в магазине Antminer S9 в наличии в моём городе за руб.

antminer u1

Насколько это может быть правдой и на что обратить внимание, если поеду смотреть. Мы не занимаемся продажей АСИКов, к тому же последний месяц antminer меняются каждый antminer в прямом смысле — каждый день. Можете написать свои контакты на почту info mining-cryptocurrency. Вы понимаете что чем больше людей включается в майнинг тем сложнее становится процесс а некогда прибыльные аппараты убыточными? Брать аппараты на пике цен — кормить перепродаванов. Если уж так хочется сварить пару битков на кухне то лучше дождаться падения спроса и взять асики по antminer ценам.

antminer u1

Покупать antminer таком ажиотаже имеет смысл только если есть планы на постоянное расширение и antminer большой фермы. Экспоненциальный рост сложности добычи задушит домашний майнинг в любом случае. Коррекция возможно будет у совсем другого диапазона antminer s9 разгон после касанияно в остальном согласны с Вами. Какой асик лучше взять? Лучше не рисковать оборудованием с таким не стабильным электричеством, есть большая вероятность что оборудование в итоге выйдет из строя, а чинить АСИКи весьма проблематично по срокам и ценам. Подскажите возможность майнинга на асиках алгоритма x15 если это возможно то какие применимы где-то пишут что невозможно применение асиков где-то, что все же.

Увидел предложение майнинг фермы российского производства FMBT Как я понял российский аналог АСИКа. Есть ли у Вас какая-либо информация по этой технике. Задумываюсь о покупке асика. И есть ли смысл рассматривать вариант покупки видеокарт, вместо antminer Сейчас по сути вопрос не выбора, а наличия, практически все распродано, даже предстоящие партии. Но если абстрагироваться от наличия то — АСИК S9 и карты ti, но опять же нужно смотреть на адекватность цены.

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