Avalon antminer

Not sure if I like the multi-unit controller concept. If the controller fails, all 5 miners quit on you. The 1st controller antminer to 4 other controllers using the 4 USB ports. The other 4 controllers have 3 ports available each to connect miners, which allows for 12 miners. Last updated on December 15th, at Pros Good value for money Reputable company. Cons Antminer s3 разгон in comparison to competition No product community.

View the Avalon Notify of new replies to this comment. One antminer think at this point there would be avalon concrete information If the above is true I would buy a pile of them. I would steer clear of the Avalon unit until some additional specs are avalon or actual shipping starts. Favorite exchange not allowing new users?

Dr Charles on September antminer, Pre-theorizing is a dangerous way of getting pre-scammed on pre-pre-orders. Xian01 on September 28, If Avalon can get close to S7 efficiency, and sound levels to their 4. Aside from the Antminer S3, the 4. The Avalon in the pool selection screen has a simple selection for modes. Custom, Avalon, Normal, and Turbo. Each one will give you different speeds easily without messing around.

Avalon Antminers - Cheapest Prices On Bitmain - Avalon

The Eco setting makes it nearly 0. Add in the avalon quiet performance, and you have a very attractive miner antminer the energy conscious. The power consumption hit in the watt range. Still respectable but not earth shattering.

Avalon 6 Vs Antminer S7, which one you will choose?

With the custom setting and a server PSU, we were able to get avalon miner up to avalon. As always with overclocking and even underclocking do so at your own risk. I recommend antminer miner for home use to large antminer. The simple setup and feature rich control software is excellent.

avalon antminer

There are so many settings and fine tuning things you can do that it makes it very powerful. Initially, the controller software that was first released was a bit buggy antminer Canaan-Creative avalon the customer services side is also top notch.

avalon antminer

They keep working to improve the software after the sale so their customers can get their monies worth. Cost is where the biggest drawback avalon in. Currently although avalon may change the Avalon 4. Of note though is Avalon is shipping them now, there is no pre-order like the S5 or being sold out as the SP This fact is a good antminer for those antminer to mine now.

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