Hashnest antminer l3

Except in dire cases, Hashnest will announce any changes to these fees at least one week in advance of them taking effect.

The buyer does not need to pay any fees. As we do our best to keep mining contracts profitable, during this waiting period, revenues will be paid out according to the PPS method. During this waiting period, if electricity fees are greater than revenues for a antminer period of ten continuous days, Hashnest reserves the right to retire the machines. Prior to a machine entering into this hardware redemption period, Hashnest will not hashnest any requests for hardware redemption.

Hashnest Antminer L3+ Almak Mantıklı mı?

During the hardware redemption hashnest, users are given a period of 7 days during which requests for hardware redemption must be made. Users residing in China will be required to pay a handling fee and the cost of domestic shipping. Users residing outside of China will be required to pay a handling fee, the cost of domestic shipping antminer a port, and the international shipping fee. Hashnest cloud hashing contracts are terminated upon miner redemption or after the redemption period ends, whichever comes first.

hashnest antminer l3

Hashnest does not accept responsibility for hardware warranties, hardware support, shipping risks, etc. Because redeemed hardware is, by nature, secondhand, Hashnest cannot guarantee the quality or remaining life of a machine. Older units may not hash as efficiently as they once did. Hashnest cannot guarantee that every redeemed machine hashnest operate as though antminer were new. If mining farms may no longer continue operating due to change in legal status, war, earthquake, fire, electricity failure, or other acts of God, Hashnest does not assume responsibility for compensation.

Hashnest Cloud mining

Mining Revenue Distribution 1. All miners on Hashnest are pointed to Antminer by default. Collection of electricity and maintenance fees 1. Andy NIU - December 12, Is it possible to sent hashnest e-mail when will be open selling? Best regards, Abzal Almaganbetov.

hashnest antminer l3

Look at the ticket below i spent time monitoring it with screen shots. Edited by Ayoung July 22, Following for update on next batch. How does this help me now?

Antminer L3+ – Bitmain

Edited by Ayoung July 25, Want to be notified about next batch. Edited by Ayoung August 04, I would also like to hashnest notified when these are back in stock: When will it be possible to buy? Please call me or please send me the letter - how can i do it. Is antminer shipping for Turkey? I am from Serbia.

hashnest antminer l3

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